Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Halloween Wedding- the good, the bad, & the ugly...

Was amazing!!! There were some things that happened with some people that almost ruined it but all in all it was amazing! My "maid-of-honor" did not show up for the rehearsal dinner with no call, no text, no nothing to let me know. The guy's house we were using, he did not want us to decorate that night so it was all rushed on the wedding day with Mike & some friends- thank the skies for them... My maid of honor tried to turn the tables on me with guilt when it was MY wedding day... she was supposed to drive me around to the spa, makeup, & hair, that did not happen. My husband Mike's, uncle Steve ended up taking me everywhere. When I got to the house to finish getting ready, everyone was running around making sure they were ready & I had to wait to get help putting on my gown- what the hell?! Finally I just started to get it on myself then my Bridesmaid Sierra helped me, then my maid of honor with the shoes & garter. My mummy put on my veil, the photographer took some pictures of us ladies, I tried to sneak a smoke but the side door from the bathroom would not open, I kept sniffing Lavender to help with my nerves, had some whiskey, then it is was showtime! I thought I was going to loose it with crying, throwing up, &/or passing out.... when it was time to walk down the aisle, my brother William talked me out of my pressure & I was okay! Since we did not get to rehearse, my brother nor my daddy knew they were supposed to lift my Mike had to. So the hand-fasting ceremony began!
That was the most amazing part of the ceremony/reception. After we kissed our first kiss as husband & wife, our friends & family yelled "Encore!" SO BE IT, it was the best, most heartfelt kiss! ;-)

At the reception, Mike's parents kept trying to take control of everything... we had to constantly pull them aside & tell them it was our day, our way... later on when it was time for the cake, Mike's mom smashes cake in her husband(Mike's dad)'s face, interrupted my mother's speech & just got too drunk too fast to realize what she was doing/ how she was doing it. Even one of our DJ's pulls Mike aside telling him he was sorry that his own mother could not pull her self together for ONE NIGHT to not show her ass... how embarrasing!
I really wish, like hell, we could have the chance to do everything over again, we would have been smarter about it with getting dance lessons, choosing a wedding party that was actually going to be there for us & help, nailing Mike's parents to a chair, ya know....
So, as it was before, Halloween will be our special party holiday & within a few years, we have decided to have a huge party w/ a DJ, etc., to kinda re-do what was lost at our wedding. When that time comes, if anyone tries to ruin it, I will personally kick sum ass!

On our honeymoon in Key Largo, Tavernier, Marathon- (all the FL keys, except Key West), it was pretty kewl. We had been in Key West before & honestly that is where we should have went. Key Largo is not as exciting as we thought it would be. There is hardly anything fun to do, besides snokling & diving. Not much was open past 5pm, including some restaurants we wanted to go to. Besides, it rained 2 days, then was cold the rest of the time there. We wanted to do so many adventurous things (glass bottom boat, glass bottom bar, snokling in shallow waters, etc.) but it could not happen because of the weather ;-(
My husband Mike gets stung by a bee our last night there. He has been stung MANY times as a child & just the week previous, he got stung. Well he has now become allergic. His arm starts to swell up, his arm pit no longer had a pit, his whole face, neck, ears- red & swollen, lips numb...
So off we go to CVS to get some Benadryl. Thank the skies that worked but it smashed our plans for the last night on our honeymooon. AHH WELL! That is what next year is for!

I love my AMAZING, SEXY, WONDERFUL husband & I am so fucking happy we have FINALLY tied the knot as one, after over 7 years! ;-D


  1. We had so many things happen up through our wedding.. I think it really is just unavoidable. We even kicked out numerous wedding party members through out the whole process and one of groomsma decided to back out the week of the wedding.. and with us have special gothic vampy attire it made it that more difficult to rearrange things.. it all fell in place though. I tell you what though.. a wedding or a funeral will really make you realize who your true friends are!! Oh and we got a hotel room for the night and the couple nights after our wedding for before we left for Wisconsin for our honey moon and I got insanely sick and ended up in urgent care the 2nd night at the hotel. We had to cancel our get away in Wisconsin, but the resort gave us credit and we went the followig May.. which was nicer since it was hot out!! The most important part no matter how un smooth a wedding goes is that you have each other and at the end of it thats what its all about anyways,..and it goes to show that you can get through anything!!! Congrats doll!!

  2. Thank you Nicole! ;-D
    I know things never go perfectly, hell, I did not want perfect, I just wanted things to go OUR way... We were hoping certain people were going to be on their best behavior & others to help more... but you could not be more right about finding out who your true friends are in a wedding planning process & how they may or may not crack under the tiniest of pressure & blame you for everything, when you did nothing.
    Thank my lucky stars I had my love & my brother during the reception to help me from exploding on some people! ♥
    Damn, that is terrible you got terribly sick right before your honeymoon! ;-(
    I am sorry. But good thing it was a nicer time when you actually got to go!