Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Boudoir photo shoot!

I have a portfolio on MM b/c I have ALWAYS wanted to be a model but never had the balls/mind set to do so..... SO! This year I have decided it was time to try & finally pursue this! I am NOT getting any damn older!
My first legit photo shoot was with a photographer for engagement pictures for my husband & I back in 2010. I only liked about half of the pictures so I was & still am anxious about the whole "modeling" experience..... My husband 100% supports this dream which is a relief. My second experience with a photo shoot was when an owner of an Etsy shop contacted me to pose with her products, she would let me pick & keep said products.... I was tickled red! I could not believe she saw my look & wanted ME to model with her products! So off my husband & I go to the nearest cemetery to get some pictures.... It was so damn exciting & indeed made me feel a little better about myself!
This was my third experience with Angela- she is an awesome person & I cannot wait to partake in more photo shoots! {Her new/vintage lighting was not working properly so we will have to try it again but it was AWESOME & very tastefully done if I must say so myself! ;-}
This is a post my photographer/new found friend posted on her website about my boudoir photo shoot & her experience! It is a damn good one! Go read it ;-)

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