Thursday, June 6, 2013

I la la LOVE discovering new land to venture to with my amazing husband!

On the day of yester, my husband and I attempted to venture out to one of our absolute favorite natural trails for an early evening miniature hiking adventure.... Well I did not think to bring an extra pair of sneakers but was in my favorite moccasins and did not want to ruin them {or get blisters on me feets!} since it had been raining every freakin' day here in Fort Myers, FL..... So unfortunately we drove allllll the way out there and had to just look at it positively and say "what a beautiful drive we took!" Well years ago when my husband and I commenced our seek for nature trails to venture to, we would just drive/ride until we spotted a brown recreational sign and slam on the brakes I would to stop to see what nature we could get into! And we discovered quite the trails to conquer and recently we have been returning to our daze of wondrous discovery since walking is one of the best exercises ta complete to assist in therapy for a bulging disc that I am unfortunately suffering from..... Well as we were exiting our happy place {Caloosahatchee Regional Park} that we could not venture due to the rain and dirt creating mud, I was at the steering wheel and on our way returning home, I spot a brown sign! It was just like the old daze and BAM! A New trail discovered! The best part, we decide to check it out even with my moccasins.... And it just so happen to mainly be a board walk trail so my moccasins and feets were safe!!! I was so gleeful throughout the areas of the trails we ventured :D my adoring husband made certain to grab the umbrella to hold for me and it was such a wonderful tick tock o' time! We even had a little crab spider join us for a ride on my umbrella! We shall conquer this new trail {Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve} in its entirety when we return on a day with hopeful Sun and clouds! {And of course better shoes!} ♥
*****Follow the yellow brick road!*****
The rain makes the components of Earth so vibrantly beautiful! 

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