Myself and Me Hearties!

I am a smoking, whisky drinking, hair flower making, 23 year old skeleton.
I have been fascinated by skulls, skeletons, horror movies, and all my jazz since I could remember and I will always find the beauty within it. I find it mighty amazing that skulls, bones, skeletons lie beneath the flesh of living things and it shows only when the time is a tickin for death to come a knockin. We are born, we live our lives everyday with some unknown purpose and then we die. We then will be reincarnated into something else for another life. I am a firm believer in that! Our fears of this life have come from another life and in this life we overcome it, so in the next life we no longer fear it. ©
I enjoy lots of joys life has to offer! I love spending time with my soul mate/husband Mike and our 10 animals. R*I*P black kitten Black Widow 2/19/11♥ We named them all after horror movie icons and such because we LOVE those kinds of movies and ideas. Bonez-our first baby, he is a 5 year old black cat, Medusa-bearded dragon, Skeleton-our beauty puppy, Phantom-crazy black and white cat, Pirate&Hooker-slider turtles, 2 red iguanas named Crimson and Vampyre, a gerbil named Darth Vader, Zombie- our goofy puppy.

We love to watch movies together, most of them being horror or comedy. We married Halloween {2010} our theme for our wedding had everything to do with skulls/skeletons/love eternal/love never dies/red/black/white. We have been collecting all things skulls, skeletons, leopard, red, black, white, blue, art, music, movies, marilyn monroe, etc., for ages. My soul mate Mike has been playing instruments since before we were together and I love listening to him play, especially when it is for me! He plays in all sorts- guitar, bass, drums.  He is amazing at it, but a few years ago he had to have wrist surgery so that has held him back a bit, but he shall rise above!
After almost a decade of years of our relationship, I feel our love grow stronger everyday, I would not know where I would be in this world if it was not for our love being connected. He rattles my bones! ;-}
He was my encouragement/inspiration to open an etsy shop making hair flowers and who knows maybe I will eventually sell more than just that! I am excited for the future, but would like to pause the present!